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Writing Up Reseach: A Guidebook

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Welcome! You have accessed Writing up Research: A Guidebook , an online resource provided by Language Center at the Asian Institute of Technology in Bangkok, Thailand. This book is designed to complement our EL21: Writing Up Research course by providing detailed discussion with examples. These resources are primarily for master’s degree students at AIT starting their research writing, but have been found useful by students around the world who are involved in a research project – many of whom have kindly sent us useful feedback. We welcome you to do the same.

The Writing up Research Guidebook covers the main components of a proposal and thesis, and discusses the function of the major elements by examining relevant texts. This online resource includes some readings, but mainly it is intended to offer students a way of studying research writing on their own. It also provides links specifically for writing, language and research – if you have others, please contact us so we can add them to our collection!

These pages are open to anyone who wishes to use it – no fees, no registration required. Copyright belongs to the Asian Institute of Technology. Please print out our webpages for your own use, but not for selling or distribution.

(This guidebook was originally compiled by Gerri Brightwell in 1997-98),

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Writing up Research: A Guidebook is divided into three parts – The Parts of a thesis, References, and The Basics of good writing.

Each main page gives an explanation of the purpose of one part of the thesis and looks at the sort of information that should be included. It also suggests how to present information, including hints on how to effectively organize your work. Each page also includes links to other pages and has examples from published research for you to look at and analyze.

You can find the full bibliographic information for the articles used by accessing the References page.

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