Useful Writing Links

  • APA documentation– this system is more often used by science and technology and social science writers than the MLA style (see below).
  • Using Modern Language Association of America documentation for citing on-line resources byJanice Walker.
  • Grammar and Style Notesby Jack Lynch. This site is indexed, and is searchable. Since the grammar points are listed by name (e.g. dangling modifier) they are not so useful unless you are familiar with grammatical terms. However, you can still find how to correctly errors of, say, use or punctuation.
  • Common Errors in EnglishPaul Brians’ guide to common errors in English usage, listed by examples.
  • Elements of Styleby Strunk and White. This is an old but very well respected writing style guide that gives useful information about how to and how not to word your writing.
  • TheCliche Finder(a cliché being an over-used expression) is a database of clichés. You can check use this to check whether your own work contains phrases trodden flat through over use .TheWriter’s Complexfrom SUNY Empire College has basic help for essay writing, grammar and other writing issues.

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